3D printing
3D printing is the fastest and one of the most important technologies within our offer. Our Clients can choose from FDM, SLS and SLA technologies. Each of presented technologies has its unique properties and is dedicated to specific applications. Prototyping using plastics, resin, rubber and metals empowers us to create complex prototypes ready for testing in a specific environment. 3D printing technology allows us to create prototypes close to the final product.
Besides prototypes, we use 3D printing for architectural mockups or vehicles prototyping. As an important technology, we use 3D printing to build an illustrative models for our Clients. The models are then used to obtain funding for further project development.
Below you will find examples of successfully implemented functional prototypes using 3D printing technology.
3D printing – sample projects

Examples of 3D printing
Superhero Character Model
The purpose oft he project was to create a super hero entirely in FDM technology in 1:1 scale. It was not easy due to the working surface of printers and lack of processing of printed elements.

Finally, Super Hero consists of 290 designed elements that make up the model which measures 180 cm. The whole figure has not been strengthened by any construction, all the elements together creates one solid whole which shows that it is possible to build a solid structure in FDM technology.
More about the project, visit the project.
Speaker design
BBOX is freestanding speaker. It was designed to be able to be placed on any side, beside of the one with ports. The prototype is a raw FDM print, it was not processed in any way.

BBOX design is simple, strict with a solid construction. The speaker is resistant to various conditions. Its’ two-sided sound spreading allows you to set the speaker in any position without limiting the acoustic properties. The entire prototype has been designed and assembled of 13 printed elements

More about the project, visit the project.
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