Architectural design
Architectural design is a service we provide for Clients expecting modern approach to architecture and interiors. We encourage our Clients to purchase interior and buildings projects which we create using CAD software. Our architectural design services take into consideration all technical requirements as well as sanitary matters necessary to build houses or other types of buildings.
In terms of interior design we provide complete technical project based on assortment and technical solutions available on the market.
Architectural design is not only about the project creations. We also provide mockups of buildings or interiors presenting the interior space in details. Client can also expect furniture, illumination or artistic elements created utilizing additive manufacturing technologies.
Below you will find examples of successfully implemented architectural design and furniture projects.

Sample of Architectural design projects.
Modern House Architecture Design
The project is a modern home based on metal structures and closed whole by windows, instead of usual walls. The construction of the house makes it possible to disassembly building into pieces, if it will be necessary. It is a house that will be comfortable in a temperate climate due to its heavily-lit interior. In addition to the metal, we can meet a lot of raw concrete and wood. The inside components such as air conditioning installations are visible as a part of the design. The inside is planned to imitate open space style so there are no walls or separate rooms. The entire interior consists of two tiered open spaces.
More about the project, visit the project.
Kitchen Interior Design
Very simple and open kitchen presents a classic, conservative style, with touches of modern design. The kitchen is more than a kitchenette, than a separate room, thanks to that there is a lot of space and the embedding of the entire annex between the stairs does not interfere with the open space of the apartment. The kitchen is well lit by sunlight, and that has a positive effect on the comfort of cooking and eating at the table. In addition to the simple sophisticated style there are visible accents of modern architecture as a marble suspended ceiling above the kitchen and dining table lit by white LEDs.
More about the project, visit the project.
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