Car design.
Car design in one of the main focus within our offer. We specialize in both exterior and interior car design using CAD and MESH designing. Our prototyping capabilities allow us to bring functional car prototype into reality. We hold the whole car design and prototyping process within our company. We believe this is the most convenient strategy for the Client who expect complex service – from design to prototyping stage of the car.
The concept car designing is a composite process that requires many component to go together as a whole. Starting from project’s grounds, to design of technical CAD model (complying the idea and its technical side), to physical prototype formation. At the end we obtain an implemented project that can be tested with all its assumptions in concrete circumstances.
Below you will find an example of successfully implemented car project representing automotive and motorcycle industries executed for our one of our Clients and the advertising studio

Selected projects.
IMC Exceller, a luxury car premium for the most demanding customers. In this project there was no room for compromise, exterior and interior distinguished by luxurious details. The whole concept has been combined with a sporty silhouette and 2 seater cockpit.
More about the IMC EXCELLER project, please visit the project.
Mazda Car Design
Another concept is based on the Mazda brand and central idea of Mazda Kodo style, presents a sports car with a streamlined but dynamic shapes. Red body refers to the Mazda color.
More about the MAZDA project, please visit the project.
IMC Triumph Car design.

IMC Triumph is a brother of the Exceller concept. The project is unique because of its construction which is designed for one person only. The designer wanted to create a sports car for those who appreciate privacy and unique style.
More about the IMC TRIUMPH project, please visit the project.
CAR INTERIORS - Selected projects
IMC EXCELLER Interior design of the car
Inside Exceller we can find a number of luxury touches such as polished wood, aluminum finishing, embroided IMC logos and many other details that create luxury interior
In the cockpit, there are also such luxury extras like wine storage with custom IMC glasses. There is also special cigar compartment.
Another addition are custom suitcases mounted behind the driver and passenger seats branded with IMC logo.

More about the IMC EXCELLER project, please visit the project.
FERRARI ITALIA Car interior design
Interior of the Ferrari Italia has been redesigned for the Carlex Design company. Thier customer needed more luxurious interior than the Ferrari offered for sale. The interior has been upholstered in leather with a outstanding structure design which also appears on the gleaming black elements in the form of gold. The whole was maintained in red colors, characteristic for Ferrari. Inside we can also find a lot of Alcantara on the ceiling and on the floor.
More about the FERRARI ITALIA project, please visit the project.
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