IMC Triumph – Concept car design

Automotive Design
IMC Triumph is a brother of the Exceller concept. The project is unique because of its construction which is designed for one person only. The designer wanted to create a sports car for those who appreciate privacy and unique style.
Despite the sporty character, design is focused on luxurious style. Golden lines, chrome details, vertical light at the front and back don’t give a doubt that we are dealing with the premium car. Whole interior is a cockpit, which encapsulates the rider and gives him the best conditions to drive. Ergonomics has been designed so that the driver can have everything within hand reach.

The main theme which distinguishes the vehicle from other sports cars are the wheels that sticks out beyond bodywork, they are placed on a visible suspension. Wheels have fenders just like in motorbikes. This is a practical solution and in addition it is a part of the design.
Triumph is presented in 5 colors, Classic, Rs, Soul, Titan and White, like the model IMC Exceller. Each version has a different design.
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