IMC FLY Concept Car

MC Fly is a luxury car with a very slim but daring style. Any transition, breakdowns on the body are very smooth and have a beginning and an end. At front we have wide chrome grill with lights which are mainly finished with chrome. Turn signals are extended and continues from front to the half of the mask. IMC Fly is a luxury car, but it has only one door on either side of which are very long and allow access to the rear seat without moving front seat forward. The door opens to the side and upwards which may resemble wings. Car gives the impression of dynamic even when standing still. An interesting accent on the side are also chrome gills.

The interior of the car leaves no doubt that the car is a luxury vehicle. In addition to the luxurious interior of the passengers and the driver will be able to enjoy the comfort of sitting in a large profiled seats. Rear passengers will also be able to drink wine with glasses branded with FLY logo. The interior is minimalist and has only the most important functions: to make trip the most comfortable.

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