Motorbike design and prototype

Transportation design
Motorbike design and prototype was created for marketing and advertising purpose of Zortrax company. The project concerns automotive industry and presents prototype creation utilizing 3D printing technology. The entire motorcycle was designed in 
3D technology and later transferred to the physical motorcycle using FDM prototyping technology.
Piotr Czyzewski - project manager was responsible for the implementation of the project. From the design of which he is an author, to the entire organization of the project, to assembling of the final prototype.
The entire prototype was implemented in two months.
The entire prototype is based on an existing model. We got rid of all the parts making up the appearance of the motorcycle. The next step was to build custom tail and tank constructions tailored for the new design of the motorcycle based on existing chassis, engine, suspension and wheels. 
The next step was to scan the existing model with 3D scanners. Thanks to this operation, we were able to proceed with project creation on the scanned parametric model.
Motorcycle desing has been planed for the converted structure of the existing motorcycle. We had to change the structure of the tail and weld own tank. Whole body was redesigned including fairing, frame tail, tank, seat and lighting. A total of 156 printed items allowes to create a new motorcycle look.
Quite futuristic design distinguishes the project from other motorbikes. Longitudinal lights at front and mirrors coming out straight from the front cover gives an aggressive look and improves aerodynamic bike. Further characteristic features are the chrome details at the sides and chrome structure under tank and the seat.
Goal of the project was to create a sport motorcycle based on FDM technology. The tail was shortened and the idea of the passenger seat has been removed. Also, turn signals, which are not needed on the track and may negatively affect on aerodynamics of the vehicle were not included in the project. The entire body is slim and aggressive and beside of sport aspects it also has luxurious aspects thanks to chrome details that we can rarely see in this type of projects.
The whole body of motorcycle has been printed using FDM technology. 156 parts has been printed and assembled to create 29 parts composing on appearance of the motorcycle. Also light and a seat has been printed and been levied foam and covered in leather. The whole project has been printed on 24 printers.
We wanted our motorcycle to look just like the ones from the showrooms. In order to obtain that effect, we proceed each printed part for painting. We’ve prepared 29 from 156 elements. All components have been reinforced with glass mat. After the merger printing, processing and preparation of surfaces for painting, we took care about painting.
Assembling of the prototype was the last stage of project. We had to install on a motorcycle all parts making up the new look, fairings, new tank, seat and light. It was the most exciting stage, each added part revealed the true nature of this project
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