Product design
Product design is one of the services our Clients purchase when they need professional product creation. Each project need an individual approach from us to match Clients guidelines in order to enter the design process.
The product design process starts with gathering all the important data regarding the project. The data from the Client allow us to create first concept sketches necessary to enter the next phase which is 3D designing in CAD software. This phase is dedicated to rule out potential stresses and sustain important elements of the project – such as material selection, production method and project purpose. We work closely with the Client during the whole process ensuring safety of the project and to meet Clients expectation.
The product design is the starting point for our services. We also create functional prototypes utilizing additive manufacturing technologies on customer’s request. The additive technologies support construction of final product. Whole prototyping process take place within our company for the convenience of the Client who does not have to worry about the progress.

Examples of Product design
Pc desktop product design
Pc desktop FURIO workstation signed Dell logo is a project for specialist. Purpose of project was to create a workstation for professionals like designers, artists, engineers who appreciate quality and appearance.

More about the project, please visit the project.
Functional Table
The goal of the project was to create a work table for specialist like graphics, designers, engineers, etc. Thanks to the "Functional table" which is designed to ease the work of professionals, they do not have to worry about cables spreading on whole desk. Table is the base to which you can connect your PC and laptop using the ports on the left and right. You can connect a hard disk, telephone or specialized equipment like a camera, 3D printer, tablet, etc. With this solution you don’t have to drag the cable to a laptop that we work on, or to workstation which is placed on the ground somewhere under the desk. This is a very convenient solution and allows you to keep order on the desk.

More about the project, please visit the project.

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