The technologies used for the prototyping within our company are FDM, SLS, SLA as well as CNC technology. Our services include creation of functional prototypes for product concept presentation and final product creation. We run and oversee the whole prototyping process from project, to concept, to organizing, to prototype implementation. Thanks to the additive manufacturing technologies we are able to implement, test and improve projects fast.

“The prototyping is a complex process starting with the product project based on Client requirements specifying first concepts, visualization of the project and its details required for 3D designing. The next step is to design the product using CAD software – at this point we focus on resolving technical issue as well as material specification required to produce the functional prototype.
Below you will find the examples of successfully implemented functional prototypes for production and transport industries.”
Examples of prototyping projects
Motorcycle prototype
Motorcycle desing has been planed for the converted structure of the existing motorcycle. We had to change the structure of the tail and weld own tank. Whole body was redesigned including fairing, frame tail, tank, seat and lighting. A total of 156 printed items allowes to create a new motorcycle look.

Quite futuristic design distinguishes the project from other motorbikes. Longitudinal lights at front and mirrors coming out straight from the front cover gives an aggressive look and improves aerodynamic bike. Further characteristic features are the chrome details at the sides and chrome structure under tank and the seat.
More about the project, visit the project.
Snowboard Goggles Design
The snowboard goggles 3D model presents the product prototyping process in the sport accessories industry. The prototype was created in the FDM technology. The final prototype was processed and painted to obtain the effect of final product.

Goggles consist of 3 parts. The glass and casing creates the core part of the prototype. Another are 2 clips blocking the tape, separated from goggles to create independent, distinctive elements – characteristic for this model only. The construction is not completely sealed to keep the air flow inside the casing and keep the glass dry.

More about the project, visit the project.
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