Superhero 3d printing model

Character design
"Superhero" prototype is a futuristic design, refers to the super heroes associated with fantasy movies or comics. The whole project – from the design to the final prototype - was created by Piotr Czyzewski. The purpose was to present the capabilities of 3D printing technology in large objects prototyping. The project aimed to break the stereotype that smaller printers in FDM technology aren’t able to create big models.
Currently, Superhero proudly represents Zortrax company at expos organized all over the world.

The purpose oft he project was to create a super hero entirely in FDM technology in 1:1 scale. It was not easy due to the working surface of printers and lack of processing of printed elements.
Finally, Super Hero consists of 290 designed elements that make up the model which measures 180 cm. The whole figure has not been strengthened by any construction, all the elements together creates one solid whole which shows that it is possible to build a solid structure in FDM technology.
The project does not represent any particular superhero, its’ highly futuristic silhouette is quite aggressive though. Superhero may some remind of future Batman.

Height – 180 cm
Width – 84 cm
Lenght – 36 cm

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