Trimaran yacht design

Exclusive yacht design
Luxury Yacht "Trimaran" presents a new concept of building a speedboat consisting of 3 hulls. The designer wanted to break the current concepts based on single-hull or 2 hull constructions.
The main goal was to create something new in the yacht category. Slim design with two additional hulls distinguished project. With this construction, the boat is more stable on the water than a single-hull boat. In addition to the construction the designer wanted to create a luxurious look. The yacht has been divided into two colors: white and black making it stand out from the crowd. On the whole yacht we can meet a number of chrome elements that raise the prestige and give the impression of robust construction. On the boat we can also see running along the whole yacht gold distinctive lines on a black background.
Overall length - 57 m
Width - 46 m
Weight - 48000 kg
Fuel tank - 3 600 L
Water tank - 1 600 L
Immersion - 4 m
Design category - A
Crew - 35 people
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