Boat design 9000

Boat design 9000 is a project from the boating industry, a 9m luxury boat designed to give you the best experience.
Boat design 9000
Boat design 9000
Boat design 9000


Boat design 9000


The Boat design 9000 was aimed at creating a modern 9-meter boat on special order. Our team worked on the design to be both functional and visually appealing, incorporating features such as a sun shade roof and a beautifully patterned teak clad deck.
Equally much attention has been paid to the interior of the boat, which includes all the necessary features, such as a main room with a TV, an open kitchen, a bathroom and a cozy bedroom. Every detail has been considered, from the interior layout to the materials used, to create a comfortable and memorable interior.
One of the key challenges we faced during this project was balancing form and function. We wanted to create a boat that was both aesthetic and practical, and we are proud to say that we achieved this goal. Our team is confident that this boat will meet the high standards of the boat design industry and provide an unforgettable experience for all who have the opportunity to enjoy it


- Development of the conceptual design of the boat
- Conducting an analysis of the choice of technologies and materials.
- Development of the stylistic design of the boat.
- Development of a 3D model.
- Development of a 3D CAD model for boat construction.


Project completed in 2022