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Projektowanie karoserii i wnętrz samochodów.
| Car Design
Car design is one of our main specializations available in our offer. We specialize in the design of entire cars from exterior to interior, using CAD and MESH design. By taking advantage of our incremental prototyping capabilities, we have the opportunity to implement a functional prototype of car designs into reality. The whole car design process and prototype shop takes place in our company, which is very convenient for a client who needs a comprehensive service from design to prototype of a physical car.

Designing concept cars is a complex process of creating a model based on the assumptions of the project to designing a technical CAD model to implement all ideas and develop the entire technical side of the project, to build a physical prototype that allows you to implement the project and test all its assumptions in real conditions.
| Process
A brief description of the design stages. 
Concept drawing
In the first phase, we prepare freehand drawings or on a colored tablet to illustrate the idea and the most important aspects of the project.
- Freehand drawing
- Colorful drawing prepared on the tablet
3D model
In the second phase, we're getting to the 3D model of the previously prepared concept. In the first phase, the Mesh model is prepared, this technology allows you to quickly prepare the final block of the 3D concept model. In the second phase, we convert the Mesh mesh to CAD.
- Mesh model
- CAD model
3D visualizations
For each prepared 3D model, we do professional 3D visualizations on a uniform background or on a prepared environment especially for the project. It is also possible to prepare 3D animations.
- Visualizations on a uniform background
- Visualizations in the surroundings
- Animations
| Categories
A list of potential design categories in the automotive industry.
Car body design
- Car body design
- Electric car body design
- Bus body design
- Bus body design
Car interior design
- Designing new car interiors
- Redesigning existing car interiors
- Designing new elements for car interiors
specialized cars
Car body and interior design of specialist cars
- Specialist car body design
- Interior design of specialized cars
- Redesigning specialist car bodies
- Redesigning specialized car interiors
Designing bodykits for existing cars
- Bumper design
- Threshold design
- Grill design
- Design of diffusers
- Fairing design
Exclusive tuning
utility products
- Redesigning car interiors
- Redesigning car bodies
CAR BODY - Selected projects
IMC EXCELLER is a premium luxury car for the most demanding customers. There was no room for compromise in the design, the exterior and interior are distinguished by luxurious details. The whole concept has been combined with a sporty silhouette and a 2-person cockpit.
For more about the IMC EXCELLER project, visit the project.
| Mazda Car Design
Another concept, this time based on the Mazda brand and the main idea of the Mazda Kodo style, presents a sports car with streamlined but dynamic shapes. The red body refers to the Mazda brand colors.
For more about the IMC EXCELLER project, visit the project.
| IMC Triumph Car design.
IMC Triumph is the brother of the Exceller concept. The project is specific because of its construction which is intended for one person only. The designer wanted to design a sports vehicle for people who value privacy and a unique style.
For more about the IMC Triumph project, visit the project.
CAR INTERIORS - Selected projects
| IMC EXCELLER Car interior design
Inside the Exceller we will find a number of luxury accents such as polished wood, aluminum finishes, embroidered IMC logos and many other details affecting the luxury of the interior
The cockpit did not lack such luxury accessories as a wine storage with dedicated IMC glasses. There was also a cigar box.
Another addition is the dedicated suitcases mounted behind the driver and passenger seats, branded with the IMC logo.
For more about the IMC EXCELLER project, visit the project.
| FERRARI ITALIA Car interior design
The interior of Ferrari Italia has been redesigned for Carlex Design for a customer who needed a more luxurious interior than ferrari offered for sale. The interior has been upholstered in leather with an embossed structure of patterns that also appears on shimmering black elements in golden form. The whole has been maintained in the red colors characteristic of the ferrari brand. Inside we can also find a lot of alcantara on the ceiling and on the floor.
For more about the FERRARI ITALIA project, visit the project.
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