Catamaran yacht design

Catamaran yacht project with a length of 18 meters made on special order.
Catamaran yacht design
Catamaran yacht design


Catamaran yacht design


Our company has recently completed a custom catamaran project, designed to meet the specific needs of our client. This catamaran has several special features that set it apart from the competition, including a covered flybridge, ideal for receiving guests and enjoying the sun. entertainment.
In addition to the flybridge, the catamaran also includes a berth and a couch in the bow, providing additional opportunities to relax and sit. The look of the catamaran is modern with a touch of classic, making it a timeless addition to any marina. Our team put a lot of effort into this project, carefully considering every detail so that the final product meets the high standards of the catamaran yacht industry.
This custom-made catamaran represents the perfect combination of functionality, style and comfort, and we are proud to have created such a unique yacht.


- Development of the conceptual design of the boat
- Conducting an analysis of the choice of technologies and materials.
- Development of the stylistic design of the boat.
- Development of a 3D model.
- Development of a 3D CAD model for boat construction.


Project completed in 2020