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Designing device housings

| Designing device housings
We offer design of devices' housings from every field of consumer electronics. Home appliances, electronics, multimedia devices, smart devices, PCs, laptops, electronic components. The whole stylistic design process of the new housing is closely linked to production issues. Each product and new housing needs an individual approach to the housing design and often different manufacturing and production technologies.
| Process
A brief description of the design stages.
Concept drawing
In the first phase, we prepare freehand drawings or on a colored tablet to illustrate the idea and the most important aspects of the project.
- Freehand drawing
- Colorful drawing prepared on the tablet
3D model
In the second phase, we're getting to the 3D model of the previously prepared concept. In the first phase, the Mesh model is prepared, this technology allows you to quickly prepare the final block of the 3D concept model. In the second phase, we convert the Mesh mesh to CAD.
- Mesh model
- CAD model
3D visualizations
For each prepared 3D model, we do professional 3D visualizations on a uniform background or on a prepared environment especially for the project. It is also possible to prepare 3D animations.
- Visualizations on a uniform background
- Visualizations in the surroundings
- Animations
| Product categories
Below are the industries supported for housing design. These are the most common industries and certainly not all possible industries that need housing design are listed.
Designing RTV devices
- TV cases
- DVD player cases
- Housings for music sets
- Speaker enclosures
- And other housings
Household appliances design
- Refrigerator cases
- Dishwasher enclosures
- Housings for kitchen appliances.
- Heating plate housings
- Oven casings
Designing of multimedia devices
- Projector Housings
- Music player cases
- Camera housings
- Camera housings
Smart home devices
Designing smart devices
- Smart home device housings
- Lighting Enclosures
- Air conditioner housings
- Air purifier housings
- Vacuum cleaner housings
Utility devices
Designing of utility devices
- Headphone covers
- Smart watch cases
- Fitband covers
- Phone cases
Designing PC devices and accessories
- Computer cases
- Laptop cases
- Computer accessories housings
- Tablet PC cases
Designing medical devices
- Medical device housings
- Medical device housings
- Medical accessories housings
- Storage case covers
- Blood pressure housing
- Glucose meter housing
- Thermometer housings
- Diagnostic device housings
Designing sales support devices
- Enclosures for cash registers
- Enclosures for portable cash registers
- Self-service cash register casings
- Product reader housings
Designing devices for banking
- ATM casings
- Deposit machine casings
- Housings for banknote counting machines
Workshop devices
Designing workshop equipment
- Power tool housings
- Cleaning equipment housings
- Tool case housings
- Tool chest housings
| Designing device casings, selected projects:
| Computer Case Design.
The FURIO workstation signed with the Dell logo is a project of a specialized subject from the "Product design" category. The aim of the project was to create a workstation for specialists such as designers, artists, engineers who value quality and appearance.
More about the FURIO project, visit the project.
| Functional table.
The aim of the project was to create a work table for specialists, types of graphics, designer, engineer etc. Thanks to the "Functional table" which has been designed to facilitate the work of specialists, Designers do not have to worry about cables whacking around the desk. The table is the base to which you can connect a computer, laptop using the ports on the left and right, you can connect to them with a disk, phone or specialized equipment such as a camera, 3d printer, tablets, etc. Thanks to this solution we do not have to pull cables to the laptop that stands on the table on which we work or to the workstation which is on the ground below the table or somewhere on the side. It is a very convenient solution and allows you to maintain order on your desk.
More about the Functional Table project, visit the project.
Full gallery of projects available in the main menu under the name "PROJECTS".