IMC EXCELLER – car design

Automotive Design
IMC EXCELLER is a premium luxury car for the most demanding customers. There was no room for compromise in the design, the exterior and interior are distinguished by luxurious details. The whole concept has been combined with a sporty silhouette and a 2-person cockpit.
Exceller design refers to luxury cars and the block to sports cars. Exceller is low-suspended, has a wide wheelbase, which improves driving conditions. Its slim, elongated body favors aerodynamic issues

The interior has been designed so that the driver faces the cockpit so that the ergonomics of the interior helps in the easiest use of all car functions available to the driver and passenger.

The car is presented in several colors, Classic, Rs, Soul, Titan, Royal. Each of these versions presents a different style, different colors and materials, which affects the reception and gives a different character.
Inside the Exceller we will find a number of luxury accents such as polished wood, aluminum finishes, embroidered IMC logos and many other details affecting the luxury of the interior
The cockpit did not lack such luxury accessories as a wine storage with dedicated IMC glasses. There was also a cigar storage.
Another addition is the dedicated suitcases mounted behind the driver and passenger seats, branded with the IMC logo.
The main version is Exceller Classic, which presents class and style in a calculating manner without additions like gold in the Royal version. Classic is designed for business customers who need a luxury vehicle but without extravagant accessories.
The RS version as the name suggests is a reinforced version focused on sportiness and performance.
The darkest version is represented by SOUL which is supposed to be mysterious and at the same time aggressively presented on the street. Its interior and exterior is finished in a black mat with chrome and gold accents ..
The Titan model presents style and elegance. The color of the body refers to the titanium material which is known for its lightness and durability.
The Royal version is synonymous with luxury. Outside and inside all chrome parts have been converted to gold. The exterior has been painted in a brown pearl that does not reflect the surroundings and enhances the whole design of the car. This is the richest version in which there was no room for compromise.