IMC Triumph Automotive car design eng

Automotive Design
IMC Triumph is the brother of the Exceller concept. The project is specific because of its construction which is intended for one person only. The designer wanted to design a sports vehicle for people who value privacy and a unique style.
Despite the sporty character, the design is focused on a luxurious style, golden lines, chrome elements, vertical lights on the front and there is no doubt that we are dealing with a premium car. The interior is a cockpit, enclosing the driver and creates the best conditions for driving. Ergonomics has been designed so that the driver has everything at hand.
The main motive that sets this vehicle apart from other sports cars are the wheels that protrude beyond the body, are placed on a visible suspension. The wheels, similarly to motorbikes, have mudguards, it is a practical solution and it creates a part of design.
Triumph is presented in 5 colors, Classic, Rs, Soul, Titan and White, similar to the IMC Exceller model. Each version presents a different style.