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Motorcycle design

Projektowanie stylistyczne całej gamy motorów.
| Motorcycle design
The motorcycle design we offer is mainly geared towards stylistic design for new projects or changing existing ones. We service a whole range of different categories, such as sports, scooters, tourist and completely individual motorbikes. We approach each type in a similar but individual way. The design method is uniform, we start with sketches and end with a refined 3D model based on production capabilities and vehicle approval issues.
| Process
A brief description of the design stages.
Concept drawing
In the first phase, we prepare freehand drawings or on a colored tablet to illustrate the idea and the most important aspects of the project.
- Freehand drawing
- Colorful drawing prepared on the tablet
3D model
In the second phase, we're getting to the 3D model of the previously prepared concept. In the first phase, the Mesh model is prepared, this technology allows you to quickly prepare the final block of the 3D concept model. In the second phase, we convert the Mesh mesh to CAD.
- Mesh model
- CAD model
3D visualizations
For each prepared 3D model, we do professional 3D visualizations on a uniform background or on a prepared environment especially for the project. It is also possible to prepare 3D animations.
- Visualizations on a uniform background
- Visualizations in the surroundings
- Animations
| Categories
A list of potential design categories in the motorcycle industry.
Designing of sport motorcycles
- Designing entire speeders
- Speeder fairing design
- Designing accessories for speeders
- Designing electric speeders
Scooter design
- Designing entire scooters
- Scooter fairing design
- Designing scooter accessories
- Designing electric scooters
Tourist motorcycle design
- Fairing design for tourist motorcycles
- Designing accessories for tourist motorcycles
- Designing tourist electricians
Designing individual motorbikes
- Fairing design for individual motorcycles
| Selected projects
| Sport motorcycle design
The sports motorcycle prototype was created for the marketing and advertising of the Zortrax company. The project was to present the possibilities of using 3D printing in the automotive industry to build prototypes. The whole motor was designed in 3D technology and later transferred to a physical motor using prototyping in FDM technology.
For more about the project, visit the project.
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