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| Vehicle design
Vehicle design is one of our most interesting specializations, we also use our passion and gears for the final effect. Begin the whole process by gathering all the information you need for the same project. The next very important step is to create different ones that contain all the most important aspects of the project. The whole conceptual version closes with the 3D model building process, which is created in accordance with the vehicle approval conditions.
| Process
A brief description of the design stages. 
Concept drawing
In the first phase, we prepare freehand drawings or on a colored tablet to illustrate the idea and the most important aspects of the project.
- Freehand drawing
- Colorful drawing prepared on the tablet
3D model
In the second phase, we're getting to the 3D model of the previously prepared concept. In the first phase, the Mesh model is prepared, this technology allows you to quickly prepare the final block of the 3D concept model. In the second phase, we convert the Mesh mesh to CAD.
- Mesh model
- CAD model
3D visualizations
For each prepared 3D model, we do professional 3D visualizations on a uniform background or on a prepared environment especially for the project. It is also possible to prepare 3D animations.
- Visualizations on a uniform background
- Visualizations in the surroundings
- Animations
| Categories
A list of potential design categories in the industry.
Commercial vehicles
Commercial vehicle body desig
- Commercial vehicle body design
- Body design for electric vehicles
Vehicle interior design
- Designing new vehicle interiors
- Redesigning existing vehicle interiors
- Designing new elements for vehicle interiors
Specialist vehicles
Car body and interior design of specialist vehicles
- Car body design of specialized vehicles
- Interior design of specialized vehicles
- Redesigning specialist vehicle bodies
- Redesigning specialized vehicle interiors
| Selected projects
| EXO ONE - 3 wheeled electric vehicle
EXO ONE 1 a passenger vehicle designed for other road and parking users. 
For more about the EXO ONE project, visit the project.