Yacht design

| Yacht design
Designing yachts is another of our services that we offer to clients from the yacht industry looking for modern design and approach to creating new yacht designs so that companies can distinguish their offer. In addition to the design itself, we suggest building models on a smaller scale for the presentation of the project in the pre-production phase using incremental technologies. The design of yachts that we offer as a service includes external and internal design. We design the whole in Mesh programs, thanks to which we can design and plan the appearance in realistic visualizations, which is very important during the presentation of the final project in the pre-production phase. Also while creating the Mesh model, we are working on the Cad model, which is a parametric model and allows to take into account all technical aspects of the design and dimension the yacht design for production needs.
| Process
A brief description of the design stages.
Concept drawing
In the first phase, we prepare freehand drawings or on a colored tablet to illustrate the idea and the most important aspects of the project.
- Freehand drawing
- Colorful drawing prepared on the tablet
3D model
In the second phase, we're getting to the 3D model of the previously prepared concept. In the first phase, the Mesh model is prepared, this technology allows you to quickly prepare the final block of the 3D concept model. In the second phase, we convert the Mesh mesh to CAD.
- Mesh model
- CAD model
3D visualizations
For each prepared 3D model, we do professional 3D visualizations on a uniform background or on a prepared environment especially for the project. It is also possible to prepare 3D animations.
- Visualizations on a uniform background
- Visualizations in the surroundings
- Animations
| Categories
Below are the industries supported for yacht design.
Designing motor yachts
Designing sailing yachts
Sport boat design
Selected projects:
| Trimaran Yacht Project
The main goal was to create something new in the category of motor yachts. The slim shape with two additional hulls makes the design stand out. Thanks to this construction, the yacht is more stable on water than a single-hull boat. In addition to the design itself, the designer wanted to create a luxurious look. The yacht has been divided into two colors white and black, thanks to which it stands out from the crowd. On the whole yacht we can find a number of chrome elements that increase prestige and give the impression of a more solid construction. On the boat we can also see a golden line running along the entire yacht standing out against a black background.
For more about the Trimaran project, visit the project.
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