Car design

Car design is one of the many services we offer in our company.
We are a provider of the highest quality design services for transport. Thanks to a team of experienced professionals and passion for design, we offer a wide range of design categories to meet the needs of each client. Whether you're looking for custom bodywork, a unique interior design.
Our services are tailored to the unique requirements of each client, ensuring the best possible results. Thanks to the latest technology and attention to detail, we guarantee the highest quality design services in the industry. Contact Czyżewski Design today to make your car vision a reality.


Our services cover all aspects of vehicles, from the exterior and interior of the exterior to advanced technology upgrades. Whether you want to create a unique sports car, luxury vehicle or specialist vehicle, we have the knowledge and experience to make it happen.

Car body

Czyżewski Design offers first-class body design services for your vehicle. Our team of experienced designers will create a non-standard and unique appearance of car bodies.


We provide the highest quality services in the field of vehicle interior design. Our team of experienced designers will work with you to design a brand new interior that perfectly reflects your style and needs.
- Cars
- Electric cars
- Coaches
- Car interiors
- Redesigning existing car interiors
- Designing new elements for car interiors


Our design studio also specializes in creating custom vehicles tailored to specific needs. From concept to detailed design. Whether you need a high-performance sports car or a specialist vehicle for commercial use.
- Specialized cars
- Interiors of specialized cars


Thanks to the Unreal Engine, we can offer our customers the preparation of a virtual configurator of the designed car. The configurator allows you to freely view the car from each side, in close proximity or in the distance, it allows you to change the colors of individual elements or change parts of the body or interior in real time. The configurator can be embedded on the website or in the form of a normal application.
Sample configurator
- Viewing the car model from each side.
- Zoom in and out.
- Changing the colors of selected components.
- Changing components in real time, such as rims or other parts of packages, e.g. sports.

Car design

Example of project
Car design
PEUGEOT RCZ car design
The aim of the project was to design a new version of the iconic RCZ model. The car has been completely redesigned to meet the current trends of the PEUGEOT brand.