Functional table

Functional table, The aim of the project was to create a work table for professionals, types of graphics, designer, engineer etc. Thanks to the "Functional table" which has been designed to make it easier for specialists to work, they do not have to worry about cables colliding on the desk. The table is the base to which you can connect a computer, laptop using the ports on the left and right, you can connect to them with a disk, phone or specialized equipment such as a camera, 3d printer, tablets, etc. Thanks to this solution we do not have to pull cables to the laptop that is standing on the table on which we work or to the workstation which is on the ground below the table or somewhere on the side. It is a very convenient solution and allows you to maintain order on your desk.
Also 230 V sockets have been prepared. The table can also be used as a WiFi router which is built-in and has LAN connectors to connect the power to the network with a cable. In addition to solutions to maintain order and create our workplace more professional, we can adjust the table a few degrees up and down, this will allow you to adjust the height of the table to our sitting position.


The project was born in the mind of a designer while working on a project that required more equipment on the desk than the workstation and laptop itself. Maintaining order during work was bothersome and adding subsequent devices meant that continuous ordering does not help much and we need to plan something else so that our working surface is not affected by unnecessary cables which are the biggest problem when working with many devices.
Design alone, a nice look is not everything, the product must also be functional, and this is what the design was all about, the look was just to pack the idea nicely. The visualization below shows to which ports we can connect our devices. We can also connect the phone to charge it to USB ports used only for charging so as not to connect to the laptop or workstation directly.
Fnctional table
Fnctional table


Design and cool look that's not all. Product must also be functional and mainly it was this was the goal of project, the appearance was just nicely packaged idea. This visualization shows to which ports we can connect our devices. We can also connect phone to charge it into the USB ports used only to charge, not to be connected with a laptop or workstation directly.


Another convenience and the opportunity to improve the convenience of our work is to adjust the table height. Everyone has different work preferences, thanks to this solution we have more control over the table.




- Development of a conceptual design.
- Conducting an analysis of the choice of technologies and materials.
- Development of a stylistic project.
- Development of a 3D model.
- Development of a 3D CAD model for the construction of a prototype.
- 3D visualizations.


Project completed in 2014