PC all in one project

Computer project of the "ALL IN ONE" category with a very wide screen with a tablet function. Simple and solid metal construction allows you to use a number of additional functions such as lowering the screen or rotating the screen to adjust the tilt account.
Pc all in one project
Pc all in one project

The computer can easily be turned into a graphic tablet. Use the "UP | DOWN" lever to lower the screen and switch to Tablet functions.
Pc all in one project
Use the stylus to create drawings, sketches or 3D modeling. In addition, the stylus will help you navigate the system or when typing.
Use the "UP | DOWN" lever to modify the screen height, adjusting the screen to your preferences.
Big round knobs allow you to modify the tilt accounts, which will increase the possibilities of adapting the device to your own working conditions.
Connect to the computer using the USB connectors located on both sides. This will keep the desk tidy.


PC all in one project


Designed for the PC industry, it is a multi-functional computer designed with the needs of creators, artists and designers in mind. One of the key features of this PC is the ultra-wide screen that can be used in tablet mode for even more versatility.
The screen can also be adjusted in height and angle, allowing you to find the perfect working position. The computer also has a built-in sound system in the bottom of the case, providing high-quality sound without the need for external speakers.
The modern design of this computer makes it not only a powerful productivity tool, but also a stylish addition to any workspace.


- Development of a conceptual design.
- Conducting an analysis of the choice of technologies and materials.
- Development of a 3D model.
- Development of a 3D CAD model for the construction of a prototype.


Project completed in 2016