Smartwatch Project

A simple, sporty but elegant smartwatch will allow you to use the phone's functions more comfortably. In addition, if you are an active person you will be able to check your heart rate while running or record the number of steps.
Smartwatch project
Smartwatch project
Choose your favorite strap color or customize your watch to your own lifestyle.


Smartwatch Project


Introducing our design in the smartwatch industry, a watch designed to make your life easier and more comfortable. This smartwatch has a near bezel-less screen for an immersive viewing experience. The watch has a heart rate sensor on the back, so you can easily monitor your fitness and health. One of the unique aspects of this watch is that it can be easily removed from the strap, giving you the flexibility to change the strap and even change the color to match your style.
The watch also includes a camera and sensor at the top of the screen for even more functionality and convenience. The minimalist and modern design of this smartwatch makes it a fashion accessory that is sure to impress. This state-of-the-art timepiece is the perfect blend of form and function.


- Development of a conceptual design.
- Conducting an analysis of the choice of technologies and materials.
- Development of a 3D model.
- Development of a 3D CAD model for the construction of a prototype.


Project completed in 2017